Elementary School (Gr. P-5)


Birch Hills Academy has an enriched curriculum that blends standard and individualized teaching methods.  We align our academics with Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, Piaget's work on intellectual development and Bandura's Social-Cognitive Learning theory.  Our teachers partner with their colleagues, parents and the community to maximize the effectiveness of each child's learning experience.

The ability to read is the critical basis for learning in all children.  Birch Hills has developed an exclusive phonemic program that recognizes that reading is primarily an auditory process. (A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound in words and phonemics is the ability to hear, identify and manipulate these units.  For example, the words dog and bath each contain three sound units or phonemes.) Children must acquire the sounds of the spoken language as an essential prerequisite to reading. Research shows that the development of phonemic awareness is the single most important variable in reading success.  Birch Hills' students develop their phonological (sound structure of words) awareness skills with an approach that engages auditory, visual and kinesthetic (hands-on) learning channels.

Here are some of the components of our elementary school program:

  • Fast ForWordTM (developed by Scientific Learning) to develop brain fitness with targeted activities as an adjunct to a student's academic programs
  • programs based on the student's age and assessment results to develop reading and language skills along with important cognitive skills such as memory, sequencing, process and attention
  • Fine Arts programs that complement creative and analytical thinking, enhance reading, writing and math skills, develop problem-solving abilities and higher-order thinking skills and self-esteem. A Creative Arts Event showcases student achievement.
  • French language instruction
  • physical education classes and activities like a morning warm-up routine to regulate brain activity for learning and overall fitness
  • community service projects throughout the year to promote social awareness and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and experience the impact that they can have in the world.

Please contact Pam StreeterBirch Hills Director, to discuss how your child might thrive at Birch Hills Academy.