Extended Studies

Developing Fit Brains with Targeted Web-Based Training

Just like our bodies, our brains need ongoing workouts in order to develop effectively. We know that each and every student is unique and therefore learns differently. In today’s busy classrooms, many students either fall behind, or are simply left to challenge themselves when a more rigorous curriculum would accelerate their development.

Whether your child needs to strengthen foundational learning pathways or to accelerate learning, we have a program that targets individual students’ needs. Based on the student’s age and assessment results, each program will develop reading, language along with the all-important cognitive skills such as memory, sequencing, processing and attention because reading is the most important factor that contributes to a student’s future success.

One of Birch Hills' goals is to reach beyond the school's physical borders into the community around it.  Birch Hills' outreach service encourages families to benefit from these extended services:

  • tutoring for their children in various skills such as reading, speaking, writing and math
  • online learning with Scientific Learning's Fast ForWordTM  program to develop brain fitness with targeted activities.  Children can access this program remotely while Birch Hills teachers monitor their progress with the program, and interacting with them through Skype is an option.

Please contact Pam Streeter, Birch Hills Director, to discuss any of our extended services.