Middle School (Gr. 6-9)

BHA 24


The middle school years are challenging ones.  Middle school students are coping with physical changes, poor self-esteen, peer pressure, hormonal changes and the need to fit in and belong. They also struggle with bullying, substance abuse, and body image.  Birch Hills middle school provides an ideal environment to support these formative years.  We recognize and meet the unique development needs of young adolescents through:

  • a safe and personalized learning environment
  • small learning communities
  • strong adult role models
  • honor and respect for each student's voice
  • weekly classroom teacher conferences with each student
  • expressive art activities
  • helping students carve out a secure and stimulating niche for themselves

In addition to exposure to a rigorous curriculum, Birch Hills students learn how to learn.  This essential ability stand them in good stead for all further studies. Because they know how to be a student and are confident that they can do well, our graduates achieve a high rate of success in their post-Birch Hills schools.  They transition smoothly into other school environments where they can use the skills they learned at Birch Hills.

Please contact Pam Streeter, Birch Hills Director, to discuss how your child might thrive at Birch Hills Academy.