BHA 22

Nurturing Curiosity and An Appetite for Learning  

Children learn through play and involvement. Our job is to enhance their self-esteem and positive feelings toward learning through presenting developmentally appropriate materials and activities that nudge and nurture their curiosity. In the process, they build confidence.

In partnership with Creative Kids Education Centre preschool programs are offered at the Birch Hills Academy location.

Children are naturally talented and naturally curious. At Creative Kids Education Centre our licensed preschool programs put your child's talent and curiosity together with skilled teachers who will help them to be all that they can be... To discover more follow click here to be redirected to the Creative Kids Education Centre website. 

Preprimary - for preschoolers 3 & 4 years old this program offers 2 options - Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday with classes starting at 9:00am and ending at 2:30pm (Before and After school is based on availability). In addition to classroom centers and activities children engage in French language instruction and a MusIQ class with specialist teachers.

Junior Primary - for children who will be starting formal schooling the following year, the junior primary program is 5 days per week. Classes start at 9:00am and end at 2:30pm (Before and After school is optional). In addition to classroom centers and activities, children engage in French language instruction, creative movement, physical education, and music classes with classroom and specialist teachers.