Independent Day School

Unlocking Potential

Parents who want a high quality education for their children in a stimulating and supportive environment choose Birch Hills Academy. We are an innovative school that recognizes that each child learns differently and, to be effective, our curriculum is responsive to our students' learning profiles. We view learning as a continuum through which each student moves at his or her own pace. We take into account individual intellectual, social, verbal, emotional and physical needs. This approach is respectful of individual learning needs and helps build the confidence necessary for children to reach their potential. At Birch Hills there is a cohesive vision among our teachers, resulting in a truly personalized learning environment for every child.

 Birch Hills' whole child approach to education employs a process of planned and purposeful steps:

  • taking the time to get to know each child
  • conducting formal and informal assessments
  • providing a diverse curriculum
  • employing well-trained and caring teachers
  • offering a unique, exclusively Birch Hills' process for effectively teaching reading and writing
  • including activities that engage students physically, socially and academically
  • encouraging parents as partners in their child's development

Here's what parents have to say about the school...

"they show respect for the kids"

"they get individual attention"

"they teach to your (child's) strength"

"(kids) can progress at their own speed"

"they taught our son to read and he got his self-esteem back"

We invite you to contact Pam Streeter, Birch Hills Director, to discuss how your child might thrive at Birch Hills Academy.